Reports and Proceedings

Canola Biodiesel Lifecycle Analysis Report

This analysis demonstrates that canola biodiesel reduces lifecycle greenhouse gases by 90% compared to fossil diesel. Canadian canola production methods and data were used to determine the energy balance and GHG emissions.

Three potential sources for increased canola oil production in the Canadian Prairies to meet the needs of biodiesel demand for the Canola Council of Canada - May 2006
This May 2006 study looked at structural changes that would encourage increases in oil content.

Economic Impact Study for a Canola-Based Biodiesel Industry in Canada
This July 2006 analysis assessed feasibility, potential benefits and needs that should be taken into account as a biodiesel industry is established in Canada.

A Review of Environmental Assessments of Biodiesel Displacing Fossil Diesel
This July 2006 study concluded that biodiesel has an environmentally beneficial impact in 9 of the 10 areas examined.

Biodiesel: Powered by Canola! Fueling our Future
Proceedings from the July 2006 conference in Calgary